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Shrimp is a member of the crustaceans. Shrimp consumption is a reason for the long life span of the people on the shores of the Mediterranean because it has low calories and fat. This marine and useful creature is highly popular in Iran, too. Evidence shows that shrimp was used as a food in prehistoric times. In addition to its exclusive nutritional value, shrimp has abundant economic values, making it special economic wise.


Shrimp nutritional value

Shrimp is a rich source of protein with low calories. This highly beneficial marine food is rich in vitamins and minerals such as selenium, sodium, zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, C A, D, B12, and vitamin B3.

Consuming 100 grams of shrimp makes 99 kcals of energy. This amount of shrimp holds 189 mg cholesterol, 111 mg sodium, 24 mg protein, 0.2 grams carbohydrate, 39 mg magnesium, 70 mg calcium, and 259 potassium.


Properties of shrimp

Given the vitamins and minerals available in shrimp, the health-related values of this delicious marine food cannot be ignored. In addition, shrimp has many benefits, including:

- With its vitamin B12, it could decrease the serum level of homocysteine and minimize the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, omega 3 fatty acids in shrimp prevent cardiovascular diseases.

- Reduction in blood pressure is another benefit of shrimp. Shrimp is an excellent choice for those with hypertension.

- Weight reduction

- Preventing skin dryness, skin and hair health

- Anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties

- Strengthening vision

- Relieving tiredness and increasing body energy

- Production of red blood cells and inhibiting anemia

- Preventing Alzheimer's disease and increasing the power of learning

- Preventing premature aging

- Bone consolidation


Who is recommended to consume shrimp?

Shrimp has a high absorption percentage for protein; therefore, it is suggested for children and teenagers at growing ages. Similar to Salmon, due to the abundant omega 3 fatty acid in shrimp, it is recommended for elderlies to consume shrimp, to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Moreover, buying shrimp is recommended to pregnant women and anemic individuals due to its abundant iron.  Due to its low calories, buying shrimp is recommended for those who intend to reduce weight and go on weight reduction diets. The high carbohydrate, zinc, magnesium, and protein available in shrimp could improve body health.


Shrimp appearance

Shrimps are decapods with compact, long, and curved bodies. The color of shrimp bodies differs in different species and types. The cephalothorax and the abdomen are the two main parts of shrimps. At the far end of the anterior part of the body, there is a part with pointed edges called the rostrum. It should be mentioned that the rostrum is very beneficial in recognizing different types of shrimps from each other. Similar to many other crustaceans, shrimp breathes by means of gills. The length and weight of shrimps are also different in various species.


Different types of shrimps

Shrimps have a wide range of types, each with unique importance: The most important types of shrimps include:

Penaeus merguiensis: This shrimp lives in the Persian Gulf, close to Hormozgan Province, and the people in Bushehr love this shrimp. Buying this shrimp at a reasonable price with excellent taste is a perfect purchase for those with a taste for marine foods.

Indian white prawn: This shrimp is hunted in the eastern regions of the Persian Gulf (Bandar-e-Jask territory). This type of shrimp is of high importance in shrimp planting in the southern shores.

The giant tiger prawn: These shrimps are hunted in the Persian Gulf near Chabahar. These shrimps have a larger size compared to other shrimps. Due to its larger size, the price of the giant tiger prawn is higher than other shrimps.

Jinga shrimp: This shrimp is the cheapest shrimp on the market, which is hunted in the Persian Gulf. Dried Jinga shrimp and the giant tiger prawn are exported to different countries.

White shrimp: This shrimp has a large size and is of higher quality compared to other shrimp. The habitat of this shrimp is also the Persian Gulf.

Tiger prawn: This shrimp is hunted in the Persian Gulf regions close to Bushehr. The tiger prawn, which is a shrimp of excellent quality, is more expensive than other shrimps.


Shrimp habitat and harvest areas

Shrimps mostly live in seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers. Some of them live in saline or freshwater lakes. All types of shrimps live in most regions of the world.

Due to the presence of abundant rivers and small bays, a large amount of shrimp is harvested in the Persian Gulf.  Some shrimp harvest areas are explained here:

Bandar-e-Abbas region: Bandar-e-Abbas shores, ports, and its surrounding ports, islands near Qeshm and Minab shores are among the best areas to plant and harvest shrimp.

The Metvaf region: This place is one of the main areas to harvest shrimp in the Persian Gulf. The shores between Kangan Port and Bushehr Port are referred to as the Mevaf region.  There are warm seabeds in this region, and it is considered an adequate place for harvesting shrimps. The shrimps of the Metvaf region are larger in number and of higher quality compared to other regions. There are large underwater cliffs in this region which could be considered a good shelter for shrimps. Shrimp harvest takes place in the better part of the seasons.

Deylam region: There are rivers and bays in this region, making it a good shelter for shrimps to gather. The shrimps in this region are very large; however, shrimps in the western region are not as high-quality and large as those in Bandar-e-Abbas and Metvaf. Bandar Ganaveh, Musa Bay, Hendijan, and Bandar Deylam are among the most important harvest areas in this region. Shrimps also gather in Khor Abdullah, but harvesting them is difficult due to rocky shores and a large number of passing ships.


Shrimp cleaning methods

To devein and peel the shrimps, first, wash them and put them in a bowl full of water. Pour a slight amount of salt on the shrimps and put them in salty water for 1-2 hours. Once you see that the skin of the shrimps could be removed, put them out of the water and completely remove the skin off the shrimps. Cut the heads and tails of shrimps using a sharp knife. Then, using a sharp knife, cut the back of the shrimps precisely. Use a tooth picker or a sharp knife to remove the black string off the back of the shrimp. Now you have your shrimps deveined and peeled and ready to be cooked.

It should be noted that you can buy unpeeled or fillet shrimp.


Shrimp cooking methods

After buying shrimp, you would probably be curious about the methods of cooking it. It is better to flavor the shrimps before cooking them. One of the most famous methods for flavoring shrimp is to add grated garlic to them. Garlic removes the odor of shrimps and makes them tasty. Fresh lemon juice and basil make shrimps tastier.

Food fats, as in shrimp, are sensitive to heat. Therefore, steaming and grilling are considered the best methods for cooking shrimp. If you intend to fry shrimps, it would be better to fry them in little oil first. If you fry shrimps more than needed, their fatty acids change, and their nutrients would be destroyed.

In summary, shrimp is one of those delicious marine foods which could be used in different ways. Larger shrimps are good for grilling. Small and medium-sized shrimps are good for salads, frying, shrimp and rice, prawns, etc.


How much waste do shrimps make?

Small shrimps have more wastes than large ones. For having pure shrimp fillet, small shrimps make 50%, and larger shrimps make 30% waste.


Methods for identifying the health of shrimps

Shrimps might get spoiled due to having unsaturated fatty acids. Consider the following points when buying healthy shrimp:

Shrimp head: Pay attention to the head of the shrimp when buying. If the head is solidly attached to the body, the shrimp is healthy.

Consider that shrimp spoilage starts from its head because its gastrointestinal organs are placed in its head. Therefore, remove the head ASAP after buying. If you intend to freeze them, do this after removing their heads. Moreover, remove their skin.

Shrimp skin: The skin of a fresh shrimp is firm. If it is flaccid, it shows that the shrimp is old.

Shrimp color: Depending on their types, shrimps are of various colors on the market. The important point is that in a spoiled shrimp, the color goes away, and it becomes murky.

After cooking, most shrimps become pink or light red, which shows that they are healthy. If your shrimp is of low quality, it won't turn pink.

The color of the shrimp must be uniform without any large dots or stains. If you see small widespread dots on the body of the shrimp, you should know that these are normal.

Shrimp odor: Another thing to note when buying shrimps is their odor. Healthy shrimps smell fresh, and you should not feel a sharp smell like that of ammonia.


Shrimp online shopping

Nowadays, the online purchase has turned into a habit of human beings to receive their products at home without wasting time and energy, an important example of which is shrimp online shopping. If you wish to purchase shrimp online with utmost quality and standards, the Darya Bazar Group is at your service. You can contact our experts for online purchases.


Shrimp wholesale

If you consume a large amount of shrimp or you want to make a group purchase as an organization and company for your members, or as a food center and restaurant you require quality and original major products, we have special offers for group and whole purchase in Darya Bazar. You just have to contact us.


Shrimp export

Iran is considered one of the shrimp exporters. The Coronavirus has not been able to affect shrimp export. Exports to countries such as Russia, Qatar, Turkey, Georgia, and Oman are going on.

With its years of experience, Darya Bazar Group is ready to export lobster according to global standards and competitive prices to different countries.

Moreover, we have provided the chance for different businessmen to collaborate with Darya Bazar in exporting shrimp without concerns on health and quality of products and experience utmost standards.


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