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Tilapia belongs to the Cichlids and freshwater fish native in African countries, particularly Kenya.

Tilapia has rapid growth, cheap food, and requires little caring; these features have made harvesting this fish affordable for the owners of this business. Tilapia is the second most farmed fish, and many countries farm and export this fish.

Tilapia is one of the 100 rumble fish in the freshwaters, which reproduces rapidly despite its small size, and it can make conditions difficult for the native fish in a given area and disrupt the natural ecosystem. Therefore, the best place for planting tilapia is in closed lakes without a path into freshwaters.

Tilapia has entered the food regiment of many Iranian in recent decades.


Nutritional values of tilapia

For every 100 gram meat, tilapia has 125 kcal, 26-gram protein, and 2.7-grams fat. Moreover, 100 gram. Tilapia provides for 24% niacin, 31% vitamin B12, 20% phosphorous, 78% selenium, and 10% potassium daily.

Tilapia meat contains vitamins B6, B3, B2, B1, E, C, and zinc, and selenium.


Tilapia properties

Tilapia has many benefits for the human body, some of which are explained here:

- Due to having calcium and phosphorous, it is effective in the growth and development of bones.

- Due to having selenium, antioxidants, and amino acids, it prevents cancer. Moreover, due to having selenium, it helps thyroid patients.

- Its very low amounts of fat and high amounts of protein helps weight reduction.

- Its omega 3 fatty acids help the functions of the brain and heart.

- Consuming tilapia is beneficial for the growth of bones, and different research has shown that consuming this fish helps the injured bones heal faster.

- Consuming this fish is also helpful in the development and strengthening of teeth.

- Its antioxidants and vitamin E protect the skin from environmental injuries and postpones aging. Moreover, it prevents diseases such as cancer.


Who is recommended to consume tilapia?

Tilapia is good food for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children above two years of age.  Moreover, due to its low calories and fat, tilapia is good food for the elderly, athletes, and those who are on a diet.


The appearance of tilapia

The appearance of tilapia is a bit different from other fish. Tilapia has a rectangular body with a large dorsal fin with 23-31 spines. Many scales cover the body of tilapia, and its nose has a hole for breathing on either side of the body.


The habitat of tilapia

The habitat of tilapia includes freshwater rivers, lakes, and shallow waters. However, tilapia is highly adaptive to the environmental condition, and due to its adaptivity to salty water, it is also harvested in salty water in Iran.  Due to this fish's adaptivity and easy harvest, exporting tilapia has occupied a great portion of the economy in many countries.


Tilapia gutting methods

Similar to many fish, there are two ways to gut tilapia:

In the first method, after removing the scales and fins, you make a superficial cut to the belly, and after gutting it, you cut it into desired slices.

In the second method, which is making fillets, you should divide the fish fillet from either side of its head in a way that its backbone remains only. Then if needed, remove its skin to have a pure fillet.


How is the meat of tilapia?

The color of tilapia meat is dark, and there are brown dots covering it.


How much is the waste and bones of tilapia?

Tilapia doesn't have tiny bones, and you just have to remove the backbone to have pure fish meat. The waste of tilapia is scanty.


How much does tilapia weigh on average?

The weight of baby tilapia is around 5-25 grams, in the beginning, reaching 500-600 grams in 5 months and 900 grams in 9 months. Tilapia is usually bought as fillet, but if they are harvested in Iranian fish harvesting pools, you could have it purchased as a whole.


Tilapia cooking methods

Similar to other fish, there are several ways to cook tilapia, which, if you know them, could bring you a more pleasant experience and have further joy eating it.

- Cooking the fish in the oven is good for those who are worried about their fitness.

- Grilling the fish is another method of cooking.

- Fried tilapia with vege rice has been a pleasant food for all Iranian.

- Roasting the fish and serving it with fried potatoes, or the so-called fish and chips are also the favorite chips of many.

- We could also cook fish soup, cutlets, and fish and rice using tilapia.


Methods for identifying healthy tilapia

Consider some points when buying tilapia to ensure its healthiness.

- The scales of a fresh fish are shiny, rainbow-ed color, and attached to the body. On the other hand, the scales of old fish are dark and not shiny. Moreover, its scales are easily removed.

A fresh fish smells like seaweed. However, old fish has a bad odor and sometimes emit ammonia and acid odors.

- The eyes of fresh tilapia are bright and bulgy. But the eyes of old fish are sunken, and their cornea is creamy in color, and their pupil is white.

- The skin of fresh fish is firmly attached to the body; on the other hand, fish skin is usually wrinkled and easily removed.

- Fresh fish has a firm body, and its meat finds its normal position upon pressure. However, the meat of old tilapia is flaccid, and the sign of pressure stays on it.


Tilapia online purchase

Nowadays, online purchase has turned into a habit of human beings to receive their products at home without wasting time and energy, an important example of which is buying sea products, particularly tilapia online shopping. If you wish to purchase tilapia online with utmost quality and standards, the Darya Bazar Group is at your service. You can contact our experts for Tilapia online purchase.


Tilapia wholesale

If you consume a large amount of tilapia or you want to make a group purchase as an organization and company for your members, or as a food center and restaurant you require quality and original major products, we have special offers for group and whole purchase in Darya Bazar. You just have to contact us.


Tilapia properties

Many efforts have started in the fish harvest in recent years in Iran, and several provinces in Iran have the permission to harvest tilapia.

With its years of experience, Darya Bazar Group is ready to export tilapia according to global standards and competitive prices to different countries.

Moreover, we have provided the chance for different businessmen to collaborate with Darya Bazar in exporting tilapia without concerns on health and quality of products and experience utmost standards.

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