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If you are a fan of seafood or tend to use them for its properties, you should know that Hamam fish is seafood with numerous benefits in addition to its pleasant taste. If you care for your health, you would certainly be a fan.


Nutritional values of hamam fish

This fish is rich of potassium, calcium, protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, and B12.  Another of its nutritional values is that it is free of saturated fatty acids. As you know, saturated fatty acids are available in many foods; they increase the risk for hypertension and cardiovascular diseases and threaten the health of society. Therefore, as a food empty of such harmful properties, hamam fish is a good choice for individuals with cardiovascular diseases or those who wish to prevent these diseases.


Hamam fish

Many properties are attributed to hamam fish, including improving brain functions. This food prevents dementia and, by increasing the brain's gray matter, inhibits Alzheimer's disease in the elderly.

Omega 3 fatty acids, which improve the brain and eyes, are abundantly found in these fish. There are many other properties in this fish that are all aimed at important health.

In addition to having all the properties mentioned for other fish, this fish contains considerable amounts of potassium and protein. As an essential element, potassium increases the freshness and activity of humans, and by controlling high blood pressure, it reduces the risk for a heart stroke. The abundant protein found in hamam fish helps in improving the immune system.

Accordingly, many physicians recommend consuming fish at least twice a week.


Who is recommended to consume hamam fish?

Of the unpleasant points in consuming fish for some people is their bones, tiny bones that require high precision to separate from fish meat. Hamam fish is one of those fish with not too many bones, making it more pleasant for the elderly and the children.

Having a variety of nutrients, hamam fish is the choice of those who do care for their health, including the elderly, children, and athletes.


The appearance of hamam fish

Hamam fish has a silvery gray color with an oval shape. This fish is not much heavy and is categorized as a wide or long fish.


The habitat of hamam fish

Hamam fish is a sea fish found in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Hamam is an Arabic word for pigeon; therefore.

Hamam fish is a predatory fish finding its prey by hunting. The preys of this fish include smaller marine creatures such as shrimp.


Hamam fish cleaning methods

Cleaning this fish depends on the cooking method considered for it. However, the gutting method is not different from those of other fish.

You should cut the head, tail, and fin to fry and roast the fish. Then, by making a cut in the side of the fish alongside its backbone, you divide it into desired pieces.

For grilling the fish, you should remove the head and the tail and cut them into cubes of equal sizes.

If you intend to bake stuffed fish, the cleaning method changes a bit. Here we have to make a cut below the stomach and back of the fish and remove the stomach and gill. All the fish scales should be removed when cleaning the fish like this, but the head and tail are not removed. This way, the waste of fish is much less in this method.


How is the meat of hamam fish?

The presence of few bones in this fish makes it an appropriate choice for children.  Moreover, if you are among those whose reason for not eating fish is that it's time-consuming, you can add this fish to your nutrition plan by buying it, and in addition to enjoying its delicious and boneless taste, enjoy its vitamins and properties.


How much is the waste and bones of Hamam fish?

Fish waste accounts for 15-20% of hamam fish, and depending on the cooking method; this fish has 20-30% of waste.  For example, grilling has a different waste compared to the stuffed method. It can be said that if the fish is fully gutted with the bones removed, some 35-40% of it would be wasted. On any accounts, the few bones in this fish make buying hamam fish economical.


How much does hamam fish weigh on average?

The mean weight of this fish is 800 grams to 1 kilogram. However, sometimes there are heavier fish.


Hamam fish cooking methods

The white and boneless meat of the fish makes it easy to cook, particularly at parties. However, some believe that its soft and tender texture is not suitable to cook fish roe, and the best method would be grilling and frying.

You'd better know that there are only a number of fish suitable for stuffed fish cooking. Therefore, hamam fish is recommended for the fans of stuffed fish.


Methods for identifying healthy hamam fish

You have to check its gill to ensure its health. If the fish is fresh, its gill is red; light red or dark red is not important.

If the fish is spoiled, its gill has lost its color and emits a bad odor. In fact, its gill is the first part of hamam fish to spoil when stored for long.


Hamam fish online purchase

If you intend to buy hamam fish online, you should know that this fish is rare and is seldom hunted. Therefore, don't hesitate to buy it.

Darya Bazar Shop delivers you hamam fish in the shortest time according to customers' needs (cleaned, ungutted, sliced, fillet, etc.) in complete health and in abundant ice.

By buying hamam fish online, you can experience an easy purchase and recommend buying the fish to your friends and family.


Hamam fish wholesale

If you consume a large amount of hamam fish or you want to make a group purchase as an organization and company for your members, or as a food center and restaurant you require quality and original major products, we have special offers for group and whole purchase in Darya Bazar. You just have to contact us.


Hamam fish export

With its years of experience, Darya Bazar Group is ready to export hamam fish according to global standards and competitive prices to different countries.

Moreover, we have provided the chance for different businessmen to collaborate with Darya Bazar in exporting hamam fish without concerns on health and quality of products and experience utmost standards.

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