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Trout is a fish belonging to the free cold-water fish. These fish typically live in 7-17 centigrade and do not survive temperatures above 24 degrees. It has a compact body and large fins.


The nutritional value of trout

Trout is a food rich in potassium, phosphorous, vitamin B, selenium, iron, and omega 3. Moreover, this fish contains astaxanthin antioxidants.

The energy of trout is about 190 kcalories, while its carbohydrate is zero and its protein is 26.63 grams. This fish has 74 mg of cholesterol and 381 mg potassium, and its fat is less than 10 grams. It should be noted that the better part of trout is comprised of water.


Trout properties

Trout has numerous properties like other fish. Some of its properties and benefits are explained here.

Due to astaxanthin antioxidants in trout, consuming trout leads to reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterols to a good amount. Moreover, this antioxidant significantly decreases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.  Consuming 3.6 mg of this antioxidant has significant effects in decreasing bad cholesterol. The combination of astaxanthin antioxidants and omega 3 significantly helps the brain and the nervous system function well.

- Due to having phosphorous, trout is very beneficial for the health of teeth. One of the most important benefits of phosphorous is improving the gastrointestinal and the health of kidneys. This fish is rich in phosphorous; in fact, every 100 grams of this contains 226 grams of phosphorous.

Trout contains all members of the vitamin B family. Preventing anemia and maintaining the health of the nervous system and skin are among the most important properties of this vitamin. Vitamin B is essential for all procedures in the body.

- Trout is full of potassium. Therefore this fish significantly decreases stress, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases.

- Selenium has many functions in infertility, brain function, and the immune system. Trout contains a large amount of selenium; this element, in addition to vitamin E, could prevent various cancers and sunburn. All individuals above 13 years of age need 12.7 micrograms of selenium. The deficiency of this element leads to the development of thyroid disease.


Special properties of trout in pregnancy

Consuming trout is highly recommended for pregnant women since it leads to developing the brain and vision and increases IQ levels in neonates. Pregnant women could prevent preterm labor and low birth weight by consuming this element twice a week.


Who is recommended to consume trout?

Given the explanations on the combination of trout meat, those with deficiency of any of the vitamins and the mentioned nutrients could compensate for their deficiency by consuming this fish. In addition to those with anemia, growing teenagers, the elderly, pregnant women, and those who are looking for weight reduction and improved memory shouldn’t forget about this fish.


The appearance of trout

The fins of trout are larger than other oceanic fish. This fish has a round head and a thick body. The weight of these large fish reaches 5 kilograms, and their length ranges in 40-140 cm.

There are around 2-5 sword-like fishbones in the first gill arch of trout, which is formed like a button in the end. The number of scales between the adipose fin and the lateral line of trout is between 14-19.


The habitat of trout

Trouts live in cold freshwaters. pH is very important for this fish. In fact, their habitat's pH must be neutral with high dissolved oxygen. These fish migrate downstream of rivers in old age. Trout tend to live in rivers covered with small and large pebbles and rocks.


Trout gutting methods

First, place the fish on its back and press the fish with your hand to remove the backbone from its meat. This step is not necessary in the case of frozen fish.

In the second step, move your finger beneath the fishbone from the end of its gill and gently pull its tail with precision. This leads to the removal of the main bone from fish meat.

After removing the fishbone, you could take the bone out from the tail and beneath the gill or cut it using a knife.


How is the meat of trout?

Trouts have very delicious meat. Its meat is white in color and is moderately firm in fresh fish. Considering this is important when buying trout, and it is a way of identifying fresh fish.


How much is the bone and waste of trout?

Usually, the head, tail, and gills are the waste parts in all fish. Moreover, there is a varying amount of waste in any type of fish that contains fish organs and bones. Trout has around 2-5 bones in its gill, and these are considered as waste. The organs within the fish belly are also its waste.


How much does trout weigh on average?

The weight of every trout is usually around 5 kilograms. However, depending on the size and growth, this amount varies.


Trout cooking methods

 Trout is cooked in two ways. However, this fish could also be cooked in other forms. The following two methods are the most common and popular methods for cooking this fish.

The first method to cook trout is using a pan. In this method, the fish is prepared as fillet and then flavored using spices such as saffron, pepper, salt, and turmeric. In this method, after immersing the fish with the mentioned juice, let it rest for 30-60 minutes in the refrigerator.  Then, the fish would be fried in the pan.

The second method is known as the restaurant method; in this method, the produced juice is called Romal. They slice the fish into slices of the same size and immerse it in saffron. Then they immerse the meat with spice and let it in the refrigerator. Ultimately, the meat is skewed and fried on charcoal. Ultimately, the meat is immersed in Romal and ready to be eaten.


Methods for identifying healthy trout

Fish is among the food which should be cautiously selected in terms of being fresh and healthy. You should consider that the trout does not smell bad when buying it. The eyes of the fish are clear and without any turbidity and depression. The fish gills should not be yellow or gray. Moreover, you should note that the meat of trout is moderately firm and not slippery.


Trout online purchase

Nowadays, the online purchase has turned into a habit of human beings to receive their products at home without wasting time and energy, an important example of which is buying fish, particularly trout online shopping. If you wish to purchase trout online with utmost quality and standards, the Darya Bazar Group is at your service. You can contact our experts for online trout purchases.


Trout wholesale

If you consume a large amount of trout or you want to make a group purchase as an organization and company for your members, or as a food center and restaurant you require quality and original major products, we have special offers for group and whole purchase in Darya Bazar. You just have to contact us.


Trout export

The abundance of this fish and its popularity has provided the possibility for exports to other countries. With its years of experience, Darya Bazar Group is ready to export trout according to global standards and competitive prices to different countries.

Moreover, we have provided the chance for different businessmen to collaborate with Darya Bazar in exporting trout without concerns on health and quality of products and experience the highest standards.

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